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Thursday, 12 May 2011

So much more than mountains - as they say

Mountain Rescue in England and Wales is not only about fells and hills, moors and mountains, but also about searching (and finding) and working with the emergency services in all kinds of outdoor situations. That means getting involved in some cave rescues and also plenty of flood and swift water rescues - and the Teams invest a lot of time in training for these situations too.

To say that Judy and Gail are getting a cross section of MRT work is to put it mildly. Very much mountains across the Lake District, moorland into Yorkshire and then the underground and rivers side of things too.

And Swaledale team sum this up - Twirlies met some of them in Muker on Sunday night for a walk, in Reeth on Monday night for a cave trip and then on Tuesday night in Richmond for a bit of a river cruise (?) too.

Don't forget - this walk is also about raising funds for the national mountain rescue association - it's a completely volunteer service. Follow the link to Twirlies on Tour at JustGiving - and add your support.

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