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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Photos, footpaths and flapjack

Finally, an internet connection! Three days worth of walking and stuff and no means of getting it up there in the ether is a tiny bit frustrating... But trying to copy and paste from the Pages log I've been diligently keeping is BLUMMIN ANNOYIN'! Started having problems on Sunday evening whilst attempting to load some stunning shots and it's basically gone down hill since. Think it might be to do with the strength of signal I'm getting. Never again will I complain about the speed of my home wifi!

Anyway, I WILL attempt another pic upload, but in the meantime just want to get something on here. Oh and before I forget... Apologies to anyone trying to track our whereabouts via the Buddy Beacon on the Viewranger site yesterday or, indeed, today up until I remembered I'd turned it off at Ennerdale and hadn't turned it back on!

So... In a nutshell... Arrived Sunday evening at the Fairladies Barn, St Bees, dumped the bags then wandered down to the beach to suss out the distance and time required to get there. In the event, it was academic as the Wasdale vehicle picked us up at the door after breakfast and gave us a lift down. Not cheating, honest, as the C2C technically starts at the beach.

'Drive down onto the sand,' Richard W instructed our driver, Chris. And off we went down the ramp, somewhat hesitantly, to a prime photo op position, the headlands and C2C start looking stunning in the background against the clear blue sky. Photos duly posed and snapped, including the traditional pebble, and then it was a live chat to BBC Radio Cumbria, during which I realised with horror that the sea had fast approached, turning my small spot of sand into an island, surrounded by a fast-widening moat! Time to go!

Great day's walk, during which we were joined by Michelle and James Martin, who we first met two years ago at the Lakes event with Prince William, when James was marching his way along the C2C with his Mum in aid of Buxton MRT, at the tender age of 11. Good to walk a way with them.

Cockermouth team members walked along the route from Ennerdale Bridge to meet us - the forward party being Laura with Search Dog Jake. Does that count as a find? Several photos taken - now on the Lake District SAMRA website - then onwards to the Fox & Hounds and a well-earned drink. Not before Laura magicked up a tray of freshly baked flapjack, still warm. Yum. We were hoping she might turn up at each stop with fresh supplies... Or at least forward the recipe to each team...

Right, am now going to post this bit, or at least that's the plan. The iPad, of course, might have other ideas... More later.

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