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Thursday, 19 May 2011

One or two highlights in pictures

So... here's some of the pix I would've posted, had the iPad been playing nice.

 A sunny start at St Bees with members of Wasdale MRT. Oh how fresh we look...

Ennerdale Bridge next and team members walk back along the route to meet us

Wanna sit here? It'll cost you! Collection box at the ready at Black Sail Youth Hostel

 The AA... er, Cockermouth MRT, help our friends Michelle and James restart their car. 
Well we ARE the fourth emergency service!

Great sunset, long shadows and steak pudding and chips with Keswick MRT 
at the Scafell Hotel... then their pagers went off...

Comparing apps with Sir Chris at The Grasmere Hotel

Well earned drink...

 Land Rover shot with Langdale Ambleside team members and Sir Chris

Heading for Grisedale and Patterdale – before it started raining!

Patterdale. And it's raining. Cats and flippin' dogs...

Wet and bedraggled – and no sign of the eagle – at Kidsty Pike with Penrith MRT

Mavis and Sylvia make my day at Burnbanks – they waited to catch us passing 
through, having seen us on TV!

 Nearly halfway...

 Twenty four miles in a day and more than ready for curry at Kirkby Stephen

Oops! Where's Shortie?

Another day, another pint... with Swaledale team members

Did I mention the caving?

If I crack my head on this ceiling once more...

No, really... I'm having a great time...
can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be... honest...

Posing with the swiftwater lot, following our leisurely 
– and relatively dry – raft ride down the river Swale, our third day in Swaledale

Long day across the moors to Blakey Ridge and Cleveland team members
'hand us over' to Scarborough and Ryedale!

Grosmont – the land time didn't just forget, 
it through away the clock winder

Hot chocolate, pink fizz, hot chocolate, pink fizz... oh... go on then.... both


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  2. Hi there - thanks for that! Glad you enjoyed the read. Now I've completed the actual walk, I'm thinking of ways I can continue blogging about all things mountain rescue so watch this space!!