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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Photographs so far - a sample

Judy's struggling to add photographs to the blog en route and I'm struggling to add pictures to her posts (sorry to any techies out there who can't believe that something so simple etc etc ...).

So I'm trying a new post that includes a few images from the Lake District leg of the C2C - starting with St Bees (on the beach with Wasdale MRT) then one of Cockermouth MRT members (at Ennerdale Bridge with dogs too) and one with Sir Chris Bonington (at Grasmere).

Shame that the gorgeous sunshine from these images is now a memory but hope that the blue skies return as the Twirlies head for Yorkshire.

1 comment:

  1. Great posts and lovely to see some photos - good to see that you've had some glorious blue skies in amongst the wet stuff. We continue to applaud, encourage, 'share', 'tweet' and 'like' from afar.

    P.S It looks like you've got it sorted but if you need a hand re blog just let us know

    P.P.S Are we able to follow you through the Buddy Beacon system with a username and password?