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Saturday, 7 May 2011

New author successfully posts pix!

Well, as they say in Lancashire, there's more than one way to skin a cat! After several evenings struggling to upload pix from the iPad (which it seems you can't do unless you have a web-based resource like Picasa. Which I don't. And, quite frankly, after all the fruitless faffing around I've done so far to get this blog up and on-running, I'm not sure I can be bothered!) I have appointed Sally as an author. Or, to put it less grandly, I sent her an email asking her to update the pic bits on my behalf.

Because I CAN email images from the iPad, just not upload them to the blog. So I email them to Sally. She uploads them to the blog. I go out for curry and a glass of something chilled. And, when I get back, Hey Presto! There are my pix, on the blog!! So thanks Sally! And great to have a wander with you this morning.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. Knackered! I think that about sums up today. The guide book insists that it was a 31.7 km stretch between Shap and Kirkby Stephen but the Viewranger begged to differ, recording 42.4 km. Now, even allowing for a little deviation with the iPad (ergo the GPS) being tucked in my rucksack, that's a heck of a discrepancy. So we reckon we've walked a good 24 miles. No wonder we're a tad tired!

David and Chris from Kirkby Stephen team (and met us just before Sunbiggin Tarn then walked back with us to their parked car, where we could at least shelter with our lunch as the heavens had now opened again. Full waterproofs on as we were introduced to other team members David and David (so now we're walking with three David's) and their wives and of we set for the onwards slog to Kirkby. Five minutes in, predictably, the heavens closed again and off came the waterproofs again.

Then on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on we trudged across vast tracts of... er, green bits. And then more green bits. With a few sheep. And the odd cow. There's not really THAT much more I can say about today: lots of green bits, with sheep and a few cows. And then we were there. Oh, and we were joined by Arthur Littlefair and Vivienne at some stage (I can't remember quite how many miles in).

Short lift (I think we earned that!) to Kirkby's base for a quick pic in front of their vehicle (well, I AM looking for a full set now) and then back to the B&B to freshen up and then very quickly back out to The Mango Tree for an excellent evening with our walking companions. Great meal, great company, so thanks to them for organising that and keeping us (almost) sane throughout this very long day.

It's been great to meet our mountain rescue colleagues along the way and chat as we walk, and today was no exception. We're also getting quite a reception now from our fellow Coast to Coasters, as we leapfrog each other along the route and share experiences. This not least from our Canadian friends, who today met me with an envelope containing their own collection towards our efforts. Fantastic!

Unfortunately, Gail has felt the pinch today, struggling on through tight muscles and probable blisters. Whilst we have wondered about contingency plans in case tomorrow is really one walk too far, my fellow Twirlie shows no sign of giving up, little trooper that she is. Tomorrow is a short hop (only 11 miles!!) and we expect to be meeting members of the Swaledale team at around 3.30 in Muker.

In fact, by all accounts this Swaledale section should prove to be an interesting amble - but I'll tell you more about that once it's happened. Now, my friends, I really have to sleep...


  1. Sorry that Saturday was such as epic but hope that the curry (as well as the company)was good and that Sunday's showers haven't spoiled a grand day out. Sleep well!

  2. keep going cuz, enjoy all the green bits ha ha ...B x