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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Starring alongside Ms Bradbury herself!

All this hassling and press releasing (thanks Sally!) appears to be paying off, at least in terms of getting the message out there. (Whether it converts to cash in the bank for mountain rescue is another matter, but lets hope so!) But for now, our notoriety is spreading.

I mean, only this morning, my window cleaning chappie rang the doorbell. Now normally he's happy enough to push his bill through the letterbox and let me send a cheque through the post at my own convenience (well saves me walking down the stairs to answer the door, much less walk back up again with all the energy THAT involves). But today he RANG the doorbell. 'Saw you in the magazine,' he said. Blank expression from me. 'The magazine...' Still blank. 'Go Outdoors?' Maybe he means TGO? The Great Outdoors?

Whatever... he was reading it and thought, 'I know that face!!'  Fame at last. And, in fact, to go slightly off at a tangent, he's not the only one to spot me in TGO. Thanks to that particular article, I've made contact again with a long lost friend who, incidentally, has just come back from an amazing trip to Siula Grande which I hope she'll write about for a future issue of Mountain Rescue mag.... but I digress.

So, TGO did good. Although they omitted to mention how you could actually donate, which rather misses the point of the exercise. Last week we appeared in Lakeland Walker AND today, there we are, nestled at Julia's feet, smiling out of the bottom right hand corner of the page. I rather think we've arrived...

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  1. Looking good - and always encouraging when the press releases actually make it into print - like you say, hope it converts into cash at Just Giving.