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Monday, 14 March 2011

Eight hundred and ninety-two pounds and counting...

So, the technology's in place - iPad set up and all the essential sites bookmarked (blog, Facebook and justgiving) so we can blog on our travels - even on the hill should the need arise (mobile signal permitting, of course). Thought I'd better test it all out by using the iPad to actually do the business! Need to make sure everything's running smoothly before we set off on our travels.

Just back from a very chilled session of Tai Chi and, thanks to the generosity of some of my classmates, (nothing to do with those arms, ever so slightly twisted up their backs, honest) I've another forty squid to add to the total, so what better excuse? Justgiving site duly updated, now for the blog.

So... Drumroll... And ta-da! We're now up to a BRILLIANT £892! Which, with Gift Aid, takes us over the first grand! Still a way to go towards our target but this is great! Thanks to everyone who's either donated or pledged so far... Every penny counts.

And, speaking of Tai Chi, picking up lots of hits and tips from teacher Jason about keeping the energy flowing, in the legs especially - let's hope they work!

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