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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Shouldn't really say but...

Don't want say too much till we have the bit of paper in our hand – and I haven't added it to the justgiving total just yet – but Monday morning started REALLY well with a phone call from our very mountain rescue supportive insurance broker, Stephen, from James Trickett and Son Ltd. Some time ago, I dropped him a line, asking whether he – and maybe even Tricketts (well, if you don't ask) – might like to sponsor us on our way. Back came the very promising response of yes, but no details. And then time ticked by a bit.

Just as I was wondering whether I should drop him another quick note, in came the phone call and a pledge for Tricketts to sponsor us for £100, with Ansvar (one of the main mountain rescue vehicle insurers) tipping in at £250. It seems Stephen is still hoping for something to come back from other contacts. So we wait with bated breath.

But that's a fantastic addition to the total – thank you Stephen, and Tricketts, for your support (and hard work for mountain rescue generally!)

Elsewhere, we've seen another couple of donations, both online and off taking us up to £1039 – plus the £350 just mentioned, not such a bad start to the week, I think you'll agree!