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Sunday, 27 March 2011

999 and counting

Given that we're raising funds for an emergency service, 999 does have a certain ring to it (albeit four thousand and one quid short of our target!) But for now, it's worth dwelling on. And today's increase is largely down to a chap called Rob, who saw the piece about us is Lakeland Walker and felt moved to donate. Which is great on several fronts.

First, and most obvious, it takes us another couple of baby steps nearer our target. But, secondly, it's a donation from someone we DON'T know. Which is fantastic. It means people are reading the stuff our wonderful friend Sally is sending out and, more than that, they're acting on it.

So thanks to Rob, thanks to Lakeland Walker (who, unlike TGO actually published details of HOW people could find us and donate), thanks to Sally for all her efforts (I know she'll be reading this!) and, last but not least, of course, thanks to all those other friends and family members who've donated with their arms only ever so slightly turned up their backs...

Before I go, quick update on the training. Still getting those miles under the boots. Ten miles today, up above Littleborough, yomping across the moors, topped off by a definite high speed yomp along the canal bank back to our cars, when I realised I was late for an appointment (sorry girls!) Followed, incidentally, by just about every traffic light between Littleborough train station and home turning red JUST as I approached!! Argh!!

But, great to be walking this week in warmth and sunshine - let's hope it lasts! Only five weeks to go, so need to step it up a little now, but think we'll be okay.

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