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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Making it onto Google Alerts

Or not, as is the case. Shortish posting this but just want to test why the blog isn't coming up in the Google Alerts I am sent (in copious numbers) for anything even vaguely mountain rescue oriented.

Mostly they're stories from the US – today's entries include 'Hikers rescued near Rock Canyon' (States), 'Ski tourer rescued from crevasse' (Les Arcs), What you need to know to stay safe in the Phoenix mountains' (States), and 'Father and son climbers rescued in Glen Shee' (Scotland, of course). And there's usually a good sprinkling of 'Bulgarian Mountain Rescue Service' entries. Not yet any 'Twirlies on Tour' though.

Maybe I just need to end every post with the words 'Mountain rescue needs you', or something like that. Might get a bit boring for the reader though, not to mention the author.

Anyway, I guess I've managed to weave the words into this post so lets see what happens. Oh and anyone who has now been directed to this page through the efficiency of Google Alerts... welcome. Please support mountain rescue in England and Wales by supporting us in our 192 mile walk across the country (no not the narrowest bit) and going to to pledge some cash. Then follow us online as we go. Thanks xx

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