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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Winchies and winces

Onwards and upwards we go, breaking past the third-of-the-way barrier to a whopping 34% (lol!) thanks to my favourite paramedic winchman. More than this I cannot say, but thanks Duncan! Just hope we won't be calling on your services (or any of your mates, come to that!) during our two week yomp across England.

Speaking of which... bruised ribs! No, I mean, REALLY bruised ribs! Those stepping stones really bit back! A quick trip to the doc's yesterday (worried the pain seemed to be getting worse, not better – a definite rise in the wince:movement ratio), and I'm told I haven't broken anything. However, I'm also told it's normal to get worse before it gets better and it'll take 6-8 weeks before I'm feeling less pained – so, at that rate, there might be any number of bruises, blisters, sprains, strains and broken finger nails to contend with in the meantime. Better get on with it then!

That said, had an acupuncture treatment today and, as usual, Joshua goes straight to the problem - a few needles, including one in the most painful point (to 'draw out some of the stagnation'), and I have felt much better through the day. Fingers crossed the healing effect will continue.

Meanwhile, fellow Twirlie went off on a walk on her own this morning. We spoke just as she was setting off... she assured me she was packing a map!

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